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Eskander Partners Interiors is a dynamic Interior Design practice established in 2013 providing cutting edge design consultancy services to a range of commercial and residential clients in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane. Our Design team is committed to working collaboratively with our clients exploring creative design solutions to address their intended brief.

Our team of Architects, Interior designers and CAD technicians strive for excellence in everything they do. We implement quality assurance procedures to ensure the same level of excellence is maintained during the entire course of the project.

As designers, we are aware of the impact of the use of technology upon our lives. Today, digital devices affects the way we live, work, learn, form communities and interact with each other. At Eskander Partners Interiors, we are at the front line integrating technology into our interior spaces allowing us to function and interact more effectivley with our 21st century surroundings.

We are passionate and committed to sustainability in design. Our team takes an environmentally sensitive approach to the design process. This philosophy starts from the selection of finishes and extends to cover providing treatment to the building envelope.

We take pride in our ability to deliver our projects to scope on time and on budget. We value engineer our projects to ensure the design solution provided is practicable. Our principle design staff at Eskander Partners Interiors are members of Design Institute of Australia.